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I hope you got my good side?

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Business portraits aren't something to be taken lightly, you want to look your best in

the picture and that's where working with a professional photographer comes into play.

A professional will study your features, find your best side, and use the correct camera angle, light source and style to enhance your looks.

Different lighting styles

There are different terms for different lighting styles, Rembrandt lighting or trap door lighting places a small triangular catch light on one side of the face. A modified version of this is a larger triangular catch light on one side of the face. Butterfly lighting is a small shadow under the nose which looks like a butterfly, the shadow is created by the nose. Rembrandt and butterfly lighting where common lighting styles used in old black and white movies.

What Light Source should be used?

There are a number of different light sources available to the photographer, and it's

imperative that the photographer understands the type of light each one produces.

Using the wrong light source on a subject could make or break the photograph.

Softboxes are more wrap around and give you softer shadow lines, umbrellas tend

to be more directional, harder edge on the shadow lines. The size of the source also makes a difference, the larger the softer.

What lens should be used?

Lens choice is also important, common portrait lenses are 85mm and 105mm, anything shorter distorts. If your shooting a portrait (headshot) and use a 55mm you would have to come in close to the subject to fill the frame, in doing this you make the head look bigger and rounder, which is very unflattering. #portraits #businessportraits #commercialphotographer #stilllifephotography #fashion #architectural #advertising

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