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Photography is so important to any website; it gives visual support to your written content, but not just any photograph will do. The photography has to be second to none and we accomplish this by the use of proper lighting and composition. The images have to be able to tell the viewer what your company is all about; it has to have a visual impact.

With over 30 years of photography experience, we can give you just that. There’s no project we can’t handle. Whether it's people in a lifestyle setting or food and drink still shots, we provide the best quality and creative imagery your website needs.

We like to work with our clients, not for them. We’ll sit down with you to discuss your needs and plan a photography list. Once in production, shooting with the photographer, you'll get to see the progress with our state-of-the-art equipment, and view each photograph as it's created.  But what you will see will not be the final image to go live on your site. We go the extra mile to further enhance the photographs with the latest editing software available. We bring out the absolute best in all the photos we take. Why should anyone settle for anything less when it comes to their website?

Video Production

What is video? Video is moving pictures. All the same rules apply as they do in still photography; creative use of lighting and composition. The best part about creating video is that you get to see all the images flow together to create a story. The video could be about your amazing staff, production facility, demo reels for acting, music videos, cooking videos, etc., etc.

The first step is pre-production. This is when we sit down with you to discuss your ideas that we will use to create a storyboard and shot list. Once approved by you, production begins and we encourage you to be along for the ride and watch it all unfold via monitors. 

The next step is post-production; we take the footage and start adding visual effects, sound, and branding to create a rough cut, then a final cut, and, finally, the finished product.

Watch This Month's Sizzler

Martin Love Productions is the newest addition to Martin Love Photography. Although we’ve always shot great video, we had previously worked with the corporate styles. Well, that’s now changing and we’re taking the leap into the world of cinematography.

What’s the difference between videography and cinematography? 

Videography is for smaller productions using simpler setups, such as infomercials, corporate videos, acting monologues, and vlogs. Most videography productions consist of a two-person crew.

Cinematography is for large productions using cinema 4K cameras, large crews, bigger sets, and gimbals, which provides a more lifestyle approach and more unique camera angles. Having done the transition I can now bring cinematography style shooting to the smaller projects.Imagine having the quality of cinematography on your smaller productions. You'll surely stand out far more than your competition. Call us today and let's get started!

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