About Martin

Martin’s story is an interesting one, he started out  taking pictures with a camera his grandparents gave him for Christmas, which sounds like your typical how I became a photographer story, but that’s not how he became a photographer, Martin was actually a very good artist and it was apparent at a very young age, 7 to be exact, he would spend countless hours drawing on everything he could, and that included his classroom desk.
The teacher became rather perplexed as what to do with him, the teacher realized Martin has a talent but needed to somehow get him to be more focused on his school work. So the teacher arranged a meeting with his mother to suggest putting him in art classes, it turned into you stay focused in school and you’ll get art classes ploy.
Martin was happy, he got art classes for the next 6 years. Once in high school Martin took 2 periods of art and became friends with 2 other artists who were right into pen and ink pointillism, well for the next 4 years of high school Martin ended up drawing posters for different high school events. Back then everything was psychedelic, which played a big part of Martin’s style.
During this time Martin started dabbling in photography, bought himself a Pentax camera, and set himself up a little black and white dark room. The reason being he could photograph his subject matter, make a print, and then do his drawings from the prints.

With high school coming to an end Martin had to make a decision as to what he was going to do with his life, illustration seemed a perfect choice so off to Sheridan College he went. After about a year Martin was bored and broke so he quit college and went to work for a year and a half as a pipe fitter. During this period he was taking a lot of pictures and thoroughly enjoying it so he decided to go back to Sheridan College for photography. Once he completed the 2 year course Martin moved to Toronto, and landed a job at Queen Street Camera for a year, quit and opened his first studio and never looked back.

Over the years Martin’s had the pleasure of working with some amazing people and companies, the list is long but to name a few: Tom Cochrane, McDonald’s, Raleigh Bikes Canada, Levis Strauss Canada, Dan Hill, Eastgate Square, Propack, Empire Homes, Don Cherry, Brantford General Hospital, Quality Meat Packers and The Sanderson Centre.

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