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I love shooting in black and white; it fits right into my rail house.

My photography style is storytelling, and many of my lighting techniques are for black and white photography. Nowadays, photographers, amateur and professional, shoot in colour and convert it to black and white. But you have to be very careful here and really know your stuff because certain colours, once switched to black and white, can blend together and the outcome will not be the same as if you had taken the picture in black and white to start with. The contrast will not be as sharp; the shadows will not be as sharp, etc., etc.

Back in the day when I was shooting with film, I shot a fashion lifestyle story in black & white for a designer in Toronto. The designer loved my photos. I had these samples in my portfolio and my Agent met with another potential client, they loved the black & white photographs too, but asked if I could shoot it in colour. My agent laughed and said, “Yes, but why would you?” It’s that good!

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