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The Daring Young Airplane Pilot

Back in 2012 I self published a pictorial book on the War of 1812. With well written content the book takes you through the war from when the very first shot was fired to the signing of the Ghent Treaty. For the book I needed aerial photographs of the different areas where the War of 1812 took place in Southern Ontario. I booked a two seater plane and a young pilot who loved to fly. I’ve never been in a two seater plane before, it was interesting, it was kind of like a go kart with wings. The motor was pretty much between us, and there was just enough room to stretch your legs out completely. The plane was just wide enough for two guys, we where literally sitting shoulder to shoulder, and after a few hours of flying the fumes start to get to you.

What was fascinating to me was how every area we flew over we got a call from the control tower in the area asking what we’re doing, the pilot had to explain them we where taking photographs.

The final photograph I needed for the book was a photograph of the Canadian and American water falls. The pilot said to get ready and he’ll fly over each one, I asked the pilot, is there a chance we can them both them in one photograph, I really wanted to get a photograph of the two falls together. He laughed and handed me a flight book showing where he’s allowed to fly between the Canadian and American border, he then responded with what I wanted was illegal, but he was willing to give it ago, he laughed and said we could end up in jail for a bit. The pilot then said get ready, and when I say go start taking pictures. Not knowing what to expect, I readied the camera, and all of a sudden the plane was completely on it’s side, I’m looking straight down at the falls through the glass in the door of the plane, the pilot shouts start taken pictures we only have a few minutes. Within minutes the pilot returned the plane to level and we took off. Surprisingly we didn’t get one control tower asking what we’re doing. As you can see I got a great shot of the falls. #warof1812, #bookaboutthewarof1812, #photographsofthewarof1812, #photographsofgeneralisaacbrock, #photographoftheamericaandcanadianfallstogether, #photographoftheamericanfalls,#photographofthecanadianfalls

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